Month: January 2018


From academia to start-up: fluid dynamics to biology

I almost always spend a few hours programming. Maybe every other day I spend at least an hour or two with the wet side because I sit between the biologists and the tech team. Whether that is consulting with them on how we’re going to do a project or trying to come up with a new feature that has more to do with the bio side than it does with the tech architecture. I talk to them about all sorts of things, and it’s one of my favourite parts of my job

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Lord Willetts

In Conversation: Lord Willetts

In this exclusive interview, we talk hype, synthetic biology, the 8 great technologies and what the UK should be doing to build a more robust ecosystem

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Design with Antha

Front End Development at the Biology-Technology Interface

Synthace Front End Engineer, Adam Murray, sits down to talk front end development, physics and culture at the biology-tech interface

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Bill Liao

In Conversation: Bill Liao

In this interview, Bill Liao general partner at SOSV, Synthace board member and co-founder of social network Xing sits down with the Synthace team to chat coding, biology and starting companies at the technology-biology interface

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The failed promise of lab automation

My journey to flexible lab automation

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