Automation and Analytics

Use Antha to automate and improve your analytical assays, such as qPCR.

Automate qPCR to speed improve throughput, efficiency and decrease error. And, free up scientists' time to do more science

Remove the risk of manual error

Easily program your liquid handling steps with Antha’s graphical user interface

Manual pipetting to 384 well qPCR plates is tough! Automate it
Remove the risk of manual error when doing highly repetitive tasks. Antha enables flexible automation of your liquid handling steps.

Free your scientists up to do more science
In a recent study, Antha processed a 384-well plate in 2 hours with an operator hands-on time of only 25 minutes.

Full sample traceability
Data has full traceability from sample to result including integration with quant studio. And it is available in the cloud, so is accessible from anywhere.

Learn how Antha can revolutionise automation of your analytical assays and reduce hands-on time, book a demo


Improve robustness and reproducibility


Negate sample contamination risk
Decrease the risk of well contamination with an automated approach.

Reduce variation and improve robustness
The increased accuracy afforded by the automated liquid handling system reduces variability in repeated steps and improves the robustness of your data.

Achieve more reproducible results
Antha affords less variability in assay results. Meaning you can have more confidence in your data. The workflow can also be transferred and easily modified to run on other liquid handling robots.

Learn how you can improve the robustness of you analytical assays, book a demo

Antha-driven automated qPCR runs have lower coefficients of variation compared to manual performance of the assay, for two different primer pairs.


Added Value


You can also use Antha’s standard element suite to automate and perform many different analytical tests, such as:


·      Pico green assay

·      Bradford assay

·      Plate preps for NGS

·      Plate set up for Elisa

·      Flow cytometry sample prep

·      Transgene quantification

·      Characterisation of transcription factors

·      Gene of interest characterisation


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