Biologics R&D

Biologics and Biosimilars includes: monoclonal antibodies,  vaccines and therapeutic proteins that are produced within living organisms - rather than via chemical synthesis. Biologics accounted for 6 of the top 8 therapeutics in 2016, lead by AbbVie’s Humira, and are expected to increase their market share against the dominant small molecule drugs over time.

Our software platform was first demonstrated industrially in biologics bio-processing workflows including in antibody engineering and media optimisation.

Challenges in the Biologics Sector

The Synthace Solution


Speed and Risk

Getting a biological candidate to IND faster and with a thorough pre-clinical data package is essential for reducing cost and clinical risk. Current automated screening platforms often churn out more candidates than can be made - current assembly methods cannot keep up

High Throughput

The Synthace platform saves time and resource when constructing high volumes of challenging molecular biology experiments - ideal in time sensitive lead optimisation or candidate validation workflows.

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Increase yield, throughput and properties of products

Design of Experiments allows scientists to explore the experimental design space more fully. Currently used extensively in bio-processing it has huge potential earlier in the research and development process.


High level control simplifies complex experiments

Our platform dramatically reduces the planning and execution time of complex bio-processing experiments such as DoE. This allows insight rich but labour intensive experiments to become routine.


Data has become a bottleneck 

Lab Equipment now spews out more data. Unfortunately, ways of working and the associated tools haven’t kept up with this data revolution.

Seamless Data integration

Seamless structuring and plotting of off-line and on-line data shortens the time to insight and opens up bio-processing to advanced analytics and machine learning methods.


Reduce CapEx expenditure whilst increasing output

There is a move within the bio-processing community to reduce expenditure on expensive new equipment, all while increasing bio-process intensification. 



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Re-purpose existing equipment

Our software unlocks your existing lab hardware and can deliver significant cost, energy and volume savings through flexible digital automation and optimisation.


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Example applications in Biologics

  • Multipart Construct Assembly for Accelerated Antibody Engineering

  • DOE Media Optimisation to improve protein expression levels.

  • CHO Cell Line Development and Optimisation

  • PK/PD assay optimisation for pre-clinical R&D


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