Bioprocessing 4.0 : Data and Beyond

 Users find themselves in a jungle of software and lab equipment, with data transferred between systems by USB, excel, and email – very often in disparate formats. This can be from at-line, in-line or off-line sources. At-line experiments when conducted are often run manually further hindering sample traceability. The result of this is users spending considerable amount of their valuable time cleaning, annotating, joining and structuring their upstream bioprocessing data before they can start any significant analysis. In some instances, this ‘data wrangling’ takes longer than the actual run.

Bioprocessing data ecosystem: Flow diagram demonstrates the complicated movement of data within an upstream bioprocessing unit operation. Red dots signal manual data touch-points.


 Overcome data handling, integrity and visualisation challenges


A platform for interoperable digital and physical lab automation within bioprocessing. Antha’s ability to both aggregate data and control complex robotic steps enables it to begin to close the loop across end to end multiple unit operation bioprocessing workflows. The flexible control of at-line analytics also improves sample traceability across the process and enables timepoint based automatic data structuring and alignment. Antha’s heritage in Design of Experiments (DoE) automation also makes it the perfect solution for teams trying to both improve their process, as well as optimise their analytics. Antha interfaces with a range of other common software packages including experimental design suites (e.g. JMP) and analysis packages (e.g. Spotfire).

Antha simplifies the system: Flexible control and coordination of multiple devices within the unit operation. Manual data touch-points are reduced.


 Benefits of an Automated Approach

  • Remove manual data touch-points

  • Automate data collection and collation from different bioreactors, analytical devices and sensors. 

  • Guarantee accuracy of sample mapping

  • Use Antha to ensure sample provenance and traceability in at-line analytical assays via connected, digital and flexible control of liquid handling robots.

  • Ensure sample provenance from bioreactor to data visualisation

  • Assign sample IDs automatically in Antha by connecting it to your sample registry from the start.

  • Free up your time to do more science

  • No more time wasted tracking samples and transferring data. Spend your time drilling down into the wealth of data collected with Antha.

Easily design a bioprocessing workflow in Antha

This challenge is not just isolated to upstream bioprocessing, it is organisational across process development (PRD) from cell line development (CLD) through to downstream and formulation. At Synthace, our team of bioprocessing and software engineers are trusted by our partners in leading R&D organisations to deliver them solutions to enable them to do more science: better, faster and cheaper.


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