Data integration

Antha allows you to leverage the benefits of sophisticated data analysis techniques by facilitating the collecting of large structured data sets.

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Take control of your data with Antha

The bottleneck in laboratory research is no longer in data collection but rather how we handle the vast quantities of data generated. Structuring and cleaning large and complex data sets can consume large quantities of employee and computational time, Antha addresses this issue by structuring data from source. The Antha cloud infrastructure delivers enhanced data provenance and trace-ability enabling collaboration between teams, allowing companies to standardise and share reproducible procedures company-wide.

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  • Online and off-line data seamlessly integrated into the same dynamic visualisation environment
  • Validated with the Ambr 250 bioreactor system where typical experiments generate 50M+ data-points.
  • Save weeks of time in the cleaning, structuring and visualisation of data for each bioprocessing experiment.

What we integrate with

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