Experimental Design

Code-less configuration of complex experiments.

It’s common to see expensive pieces of lab equipment rendered ineffective due to a complex and inflexible software or an unfriendly interface that requires a highly trained technician to unlock its full capabilities.

At Synthace, we built our flexible digital automation platform to be usable and accessible to the average researcher; we created a visual ‘drag and drop’ workflow editor to give the power and flexibility of coding without the code.

Antha workflows are created by the visual linking of individual elements. These elements represent blocks of code that define a specific biological experimental process (e.g. making a master mix solution for qPCR).

The user wires different elements together to create complex workflows. With a standard library of elements, complex workflows can be quickly assembled in a modular fashion, with commonly used workflows saved as a ‘pinned workflow’ for easy sharing and use across an organisation.

Under the hood, the connections between elements represent both the flow of data and physical materials through the experiment.

Antha also comes pre-loaded with a library of commonly used plastic-ware, giving the user flexibility and confidence in getting reproducible results under a variety of experimental conditions.

Workflow Editor.png