Lab Automation for Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology is the engineering of biology. Examples of Synthetic Biology in action include: DNA foundries, novel bio-materials, lab grown meat and engineered micro-organisms.

We’ve been a supporter of the Synthetic Biology community for several years; our software is used by several leading companies in the community.

Challenges in Synthetic Biology

The Synthace Solution


Closing the Loop is hard

Closed loop automation is often inflexible (e.g. work cells) and only really good for low complexity experiments. There are many fantastic design tools for a range of applications - plasmids, CRISPR, protein evolution, etc. but they often don’t integrate well with experimental tools.

Re-purpose existing equipment

Our software unlocks your existing lab hardware and can deliver significant cost, energy and volume savings through flexible digital automation and process optimisation


Limiting cost whilst increasing throughput.

Many synthetic biology companies aren’t manufacturing therapeutics and therefore operate on much tighter margins.



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Integrates with Design Tools

Import designs direct into our software. Digitally defined methods reduces the chance of manual error - especially in complex workflows.

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Increase yield, throughput and product properties

Optimisation of products  and protocols (e.g. yield of a fine chemical or enzymatic activity) is traditionally done via DoE. DoE is a laborious experiment to plan and run manually.


High-level control simplifies complex experiments

Our platform dramatically reduces the planning and execution time of complex and time-consuming experiments such as DOE. This allows insight-rich but usually labour-intensive experimentation to become routine.


Suggested applications in Synthetic Biology

  • Strain engineering for fine chemical synthesis

  • CRISPR gRNA shuffling

  • Plasmid library synthesis

  • Enzyme activity optimisation

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