Leading Biologists Talk About Antha

Matthew Jones, Synthetic Biologist at Cambridge Consultants, talks about how they can do more in their labs with the support of automation.

Andre Raposo, Group Lead - Analytical Automation at Oxford BioMedica talks about Synthace and Antha supporting business growth.

Juan Jose Guijarro Leach, Senior Analytical Development Scientist at Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult talks about how he uses Antha to demonstrate to potential clients the value of working with his lab.

Marc-Oliver Baradez, Lead Scientist at Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult describes Antha as an intuitive platform that gets his business the results they need.

David Pollard, Head of New Materials & Components, Corporate Research, Sartorius Stedim talks about how End Users and Patients benefit from Engineered Biology.

Staffan Piledahl, Software Engineer at Labgenius talks about the impact using Antha has had in his lab.

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