Complex DoE optimisations : Fast & Flexible

DoE is a powerful statistical experimental design technique. However, sophisticated ‘high factor’ DoEs are prohibitively time-consuming to conduct due to challenging experimental planning and set-up.

How Synthace can help

Our cloud-based software platform ‘Antha’ eliminates this experimental burden, enabling the flexible and frequent running of increased complexity DoE experiments.

Simply uploaded your Design File (e.g. from JMP or DE) and our software will work out all the necessary liquid handling steps/plate maps. Test your run ‘in silico’ before transferring the file to your lab hardware for it to carry out the experiment whilst you walk away, free to do more great science.

Beyond One Factor at a Time (OFAT)

DoE is a framework to systematically analyse multiple factors and optimise experimental design to a desired outcome. For example In a recent case study with Oxford Biomedica, Antha enabled the design, planning and execution of a reduced time frame two iteration DoE optimisation and robustness study of their lentiviral transfection and transduction process. Resulting in:

  • Over 40 hours of time saving

  • 32% saving in consumable use 

  • Triple the number of experimental runs per iteration

To find out how using Antha could benefit your organisation get in touch now to book a demo