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Engineered by scientists, for scientists. Synthace enables users to easily set-up and run complex optimisation experiments.


We enable bioprocessing professionals to focus on science; not burdensome planning or experimental set-up. Freeing them to get results quicker


Bioprocessing Challenges

  • Biology research is still often manual: highly qualified scientists spend large amounts of time setting up routine assays and experiments e.g. qPCR or a DOE.
  • The software controlling your lab equipment is often inflexible, time-consuming to re-program, and incompatible across devices.
  • Your team want to adopt new technologies to increase throughput and insight, but are concerned about the overflow of data that this will produce.
  • You need to increase throughput but are resource constrained and must make do with the equipment you currently have.

Synthace's Solution

  • Our software connects a lab’s equipment and automates biology protocols, running consistent and reproducible workflows.
  • Our easy to use software means you don't need to call an external automation engineer everytime you want to alter your protocol.
  • Digital workflows automate lab protocols producing integrated data in a fraction of the time: no more aligning off-line and on-line data points in Excel.
  • Our software works with your existing equipment allowing you to reap the benefits of high throughput automated experimentation in your own lab.

Synthace's software platform accelerates the whole DOE workflow – from planning through to scaling. The eloquent control of liquid handling is at the core of the platform, resulting in a biology-centric user experience that improves reproducibility and traceability, all whilst enabling the scientist to undertake more complex experimentation.

[Synthace’s Software] increased throughput by an order of magnitude and enabled an estimated 25% reduction in overall vector construction timelines, a 33% reduction in costs, while dramatically reducing manual steps and increasing robustness. This enabled the rapid investigation of large arrays of genetic options alongside process factors for full bioprocess optimisation
— David Pollard | (formerly) Executive Director of Process Sciences at Merck & Co Inc


Case Study:  Complex Growth Medium Liquid Handling Automation

Our client, a multinational pharmaceutical company, was experiencing a poor yield of a key protein expressed in E. coli and therefore conducted an Antha enabled DOE optimisation of growth media conditions. The client utilised the Antha DOE integration to easily upload their designs. The experiment was then simulated, and error checked via the drag and drop Antha workflow editor, before being automated on a Gilson PIPETMAX® controlled by the Antha platform.

By using our platform the pharmaceutical company was able to rapidly complete a 384-run DOE study using 74% fewer tips and liquid handling actions. Crucially as Antha can directly integrate experimental design files from widely used DOE software, such as JMP and Design Expert, it seamlessly integrated into the company’s existing workflow. The planning time for the DOE optimisation was also reduced from 1-2 weeks to 2 hours and the robot running time reduced by 20%. By using Antha the pharmaceutical company was able to test more conditions simultaneously, more accurately, and thus establish an optimal combination of nitrogen sources, buffer compositions and carbon sources that resulted in 300% increase in protein titre.



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