The Synthace story

We believe that technology can empower scientists to unleash the infinite potential of biology.


Synthace are an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, biologists, mathematicians, and chemists pioneering transformative ways of working digitally in biology. We are also backed by world-class investors and a growing collection of partners working on the hardware, software, and wetware it will take to truly industrialise biology’s potential.

How we started

We started-out in 2011 as a bio-process service provider taking our clients existing bio-processes and optimising them using a multi-factorial, experimental approach. To enable us to run these very high dimensional, complex experiments we used lab robots. But, we quickly learned that it was very difficult to achieve the level of complexity and throughput we wanted with the software provided with lab hardware.

So, we decided to build our own software that would not only communicate with lab hardware but also allow us to plan and execute complex, multi-factorial experiments. We found that Antha allowed us to increase experimental throughput by 2 orders of magnitude. Our focus then shifted to empowering our clients to run these complex experiments themselves using the software we’d developed.

Where next?

We’re motivated by our shared goal to develop a software platform that empowers biologists to leverage the infinite potential of biology to help solve the grand challenges facing mankind. If you’re similarly motivated and looking for an opportunity to make a big impact then get in touch.