Harnessing the power of the digital world to engineer biology and transform lab productivity

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Unleash the full potential of your lab hardware

At Synthace we are building Antha, an elegant but hugely powerful software platform that gives biologists sophisticated, flexible and integrated control over lab hardware.

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Introducing Antha

Antha is a software platform that brings the power of the digital world to biological research, development and manufacturing.

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Optimising Liquid Handling Workflows

Find out how Antha can save you time, resources and effort by making multi-factorial DOE solution optimisation simple, efficient and robust.

Liquid Handling
Construct Assembly

Rapid Genetic Construct Assembly

Antha’s optimised and automated Type IIS Construct Assembly workflow is a robust and reproducible protocol to automate construct assembly.



reduction in overall internal vector construction timelines


reduction in direct costs through dramatically reducing manual steps and increasing robustness


improvement in enzymatic activity compared to literature precedent

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