Antha is a unique operating system and language specifically developed to bring end to end digitization to biotechnology.
Biology is the key to sustainability for our future.
We can help unlock the near infinite power of biology by bringing software abstraction and greater automation to biological research and development and manufacturing. Our platform enables researchers to aim higher and achieve better results, faster. It is designed for greater collaboration, improved reproducibility and scalable workflows that can be easily edited and shared. The potential is truly transformational.
A sustainable future simply must include a better ability to engineer biology
Speaking at the World Economic Forum, Sustainable Development Impact Summit, our CEO Tim Fell stresses the need to make biology a true engineering discipline.
Investing in the future
We are an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, biologists, mathematicians, and chemists building a new way of working in biology. We are also backed by world class investors and a growing collection of partners working on the hardware, software, and wetware it will take to truly unlock biology's potential. If you are interested in joining us in making a mark on the world find out more:
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Technological revolution
The World Economic Forum included Synthace in its 2016 selection of the world's 30 most promising Technology Pioneers that are helping shape the Fourth Industrial Revolution - a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to one another.