Unlock the full potential of your integrated lab hardware with Antha


Unlock the full potential of your lab hardware

At Synthace we are building Antha, a user-friendly but hugely powerful software platform that gives biologists sophisticated, flexible and integrated control over lab hardware. This enables experiments and lab workflows to be rapidly automated, and data from those workflows to be automatically integrated and linked to the experiment that produced them.


Design complex, multifactorial experiments using predefined protocols, such as Type IIs Construct Assembly, or create your own using Antha’s visual workflow editor. Once created workflows can be readily reused or adapted.

Design with Antha


With device drivers for automated liquid handling platforms and other lab hardware, Antha automates experiment execution and management freeing up your time to focus on the science rather than logistics.

Antha controlling lab hardware


Antha connects to your analytical equipment to automatically capture and record data against the experiment workflow, allowing for dynamic data visualisation and analysis giving you rapid insights into any aspect of your protocols.

Lab scientist


Complete traceability of samples, data, and methods allows you to easily share, replicate or iterate your experiment design.

Biological research equipment

Antha – a software platform for biology

Visually design, execute and analyse your biological workflows.


Antha delivers end to end experimental integration, and is compatible with a range of laboratory hardware.

Antha deck screenshot

Deck layout

Antha is designed by scientists to enable you to focus on the science: not the pipetting.

Antha plates screenshot

Plate library

Antha is preconfigured to support a broad range of laboratory equipment and hardware.

Antha graph screenshot

Easy execution

Control of liquid handling is at the core of Antha. Allowing the rapid translation of ideas into results.

Workflow editor

Workflow editor

A unique drag and drop design environment rapidly reduces the time to insight.

Antha coding language

Code editor

Antha gives you the option to design experiments and workflows from the code up.

“Antha has made it incredibly easy for us to run very complicated experiments through the use of simple ‘elements’. It has transformed our view of lab automation, enabling us to use it in many different ways.”

Esha KhullarDow AgroSciences

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Open Source

  • Access the underlying Antha Language
  • No Commercial Support
  • Community Documentation
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  • Access the Visual AnthaOS
  • Full Commercial Support
  • Antha Academy Training
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