Bioprocessing Informatics

Easily integrate your bioprocessing acquisition and analysis equipment and aggregate all of your bioprocessing data into one place.

Stop using pen drives and email to transfer data. Maintain full sample traceability and reduce manual touch points in your bioprocessing data stream by using Antha. Book a demo to find out more.


Save time wasted on programming devices and data wrangling

Connect the devices in your informatics ecosystem in your Antha workflow.

Losing time programming automation composers?
Antha enables efficient aggregation of data. Flexibly automate your online, offline, inline and at-line assays and integrate them seamlessly into a bioprocessing informatics ecosystem.

Tired of processing bioreactor data?
Antha automates data structuring to save hours of complex bioprocess data restructuring and analysis time.

Trying to make sense of large volumes of bioprocess data?
Use Antha to structure, contextualise and analyse whole process data streams, saving hours and ensuring data integrity.

Learn how Antha can revolutionise your data aggregation and analysis, book a demo


Easily aggregate, organise and visualise your data in one place


Define and customise your ecosystem
Connect the devices in your bioprocessing system to Antha

Aggregate online and offline data into one place
No more using USB pens or email to transfer data, or converting file types manually on different devices. All your data gets aggregated into a single place, automatically.

Compare data from all sources as it’s obtained
You don’t have to wait days or weeks anymore to get answers on how your bioprocessing is performing, data is available to inspect at your convenience.

Visualise your data and easily drill down into your analysis


Reduce redundant manual intervention


No more manual data collection and collation

Remove manual data touchpoints
Automate data collection and collation from different hardware.

Guarantee accuracy of sample mapping
Use Antha to ensure sample provenance and traceability of upstream analytical assays

Ensure sample provenance from bioreactor to data visualisation
Assign sample IDs automatically in Antha by connecting it to your sample registry from the start.

Free up your time to do more science
No more time wasted tracking samples and transferring data. Spend your time drilling down into the wealth of data collected with Antha.


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