DNA Assembly

Antha’s optimised and automated Type IIS Construct Assembly workflow is a robust and reproducible protocol to automate construct assembly.

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Automate Construct Assembly with Antha

The Antha Type IIS method assembles DNA parts directly from clonal vectors in a one-pot, room temperature, reaction. This makes it ideal for fully automated execution on liquid handling robots, without the need for temperature control or thermo-cycling. DNA parts require no special preparation such as pre-digestion, gel purification or PCR: dramatically increasing efficiency, fidelity and robustness. The method generates dozens of assemblies per liquid handling robot in a few hours.



  • Combines the power of flexible digital automation with robust molecular biology
  • Antha enables reproducibility as the assembly is run exactly to the optimised protocol
  • Potential to create linked workflows integrated into other laboratory procedures: transformation or plating-out.
  • Industrially validated in a combinatorial construct assembly
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