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Use Antha to automate and improve your construct assembly process and other molecular biology techniques

Use Antha to automate your golden gate assembly to improve robustness and efficiency. Book a demo to find out more.


Save time wasted on programming devices and data wrangling

Easily program Antha to automate your construct assembly

Optimise transformation
Performing a DoE of transformation conditions using Antha enabled our scientists to greatly improve transformation efficiency with >80 colonies per plate for every transformation run. Antha makes this easy to do.  

Improve assembly efficiency
Optimising construct assembly with Antha ensured more than 95% of transformed colonies contained the correct 2-5 part assembly when performed with Sap1, and 2-8 parts assemblies when performed with Bsa1.

Find out how Antha could improve your construct assembly procedures by booking a demo below:


Reduce hands-on time
Following optimisation, hands-on time for the liquid handling steps was greatly reduced compared to manual performance of the task, or compared to programming the liquid handler via its proprietary software.

Decrease error
By orchestrating the liquid handling steps with Antha, you remove operator variability. This reduces error and makes the process more robust and reproducible. And, you can use the same protocol on other devices.  

Plan and review in the cloud
Antha is a cloud-based platform, experiments can be planned, reviewed and analysed in the cloud.

Find out how Antha can increase the robustness of your transformation and assemblies by booking a demo:

6 parts assembly with SapI.

6 parts assembly with SapI.


Added Value


You can also use Antha’s standard element suite to automate your molecular biology techniques to perform:


·      PCR

·      Gel Loading

·      Gibson Assembly

·      Conventional Cloning

·      Serial dilutions

·      Viral vector construction

·      Antibody assembly

·      DNA Assembly


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